“Hello,” she said timidly.

I’d like to thank some sisters commenting on Anne Lamott’s Facebook post, who encouraged me to start a blog.  This is it.  Of course I worry there will be nothing interesting to say, and that could very well be true and if it is I’ll live through it.  Lately I’ve been praying, and really meaning it, that I be a blessing in someone else’s life.  My life is such that I don’t have a lot of opportunities to interact with other people (much more on that later) so my duty is to be aware of those opportunities when they present themselves.  I’m not so much a bloodhound sniffing out spoor as I am a sighthound looking for arrows and small trails through the underbrush all around me. Sisters told me today to write, I’ll write.


6 thoughts on ““Hello,” she said timidly.”

  1. Hi Susan: I saw your comments on the Anne Lamott thread and am adding your new blog to my reading list. I have one too, which you can see by clicking my name in the comment. I have quoted her a few times!


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