The Neighbors’ Pool

We snuck into the neighbors’ pool last night and I was the first one in. We waited until after dark and should have gone in full commando regalia but the heat made us sloppy. We had already distracted the during-the-week caretakers by loaning them the two videos we had already watched during the worst heat of the day. I believe I heard bits of “True Lies” wafting through their upstairs window. But the rule of silence was still enforced. “No talking and no splashing!” It was so very hard to obey and the training just took over at that point. I wanted to shout with delight for just the coolness of it and splash them as they sighed with the relief.

I walked up the steps and got out. I said time to go and the youngest one said no almost out loud. His training wasn’t deep enough yet to override the screaming NOOOOOOOOO! of every cell of his body. When my whispered pleas didn’t work, I slithered back into the water and put my mouth up near his ear. “Look, if we don’t get caught we can come back every night but if they catch us tonight this will be the last time,” I told him. “But I want to swim” he said and he showed me just how much by pushing off the side and floating out into deeper water. I knew he meant it because he still has fear of the water and doesn’t easily let go of the side. The older one came to my aid and cajoled the younger to please come. I got out again and stood above him, delicious water running down my body. How wonderful to feel cool.

Just then the water snake cleaning automatic thing came toward him and it was as if it was a live guardian out of the depths of the pool. The boy hoisted himself up and out of the cool wetness and we gathered our things. The older one wanted to sit in the deck chairs and relax, wrapped in his towel. Perhaps he had a cruise ship fantasy playing in his head. But the younger was still so water dazed I knew it was too dangerous.

We went out the gate and I replaced the stick I had used to pull the loop through the small opening that allowed our entry in the first place. And suddenly I guess it hit us. We had done what we had fantasized for so long and the most rule bound among us had organized it. We started to giggle and had to make a mad dash for it before we collapsed into hysterical laughter at the wonder of our daring and the delight of our cool bodies. We went to three shadows and undressed into towels. I was already planing the next diversion for the caretakers and wondered what other movies they hadn’t seen yet.

Three weeks later…
We went yesterday. The owners and the weekday caretakers were at a celebration of the passing of an old one and we knew we were relatively safe. We called on the telephone to see if they were truly gone and then, for good measure, I did reconnaissance to see the presence or absence of vehicles. We also called those living nearest the pool and swore them to secrecy. They said go for it and would have joined us but for plans they had already made.

The younger one was not with us this time as he was celebrating the aging process of a friend. We knew he would be upset and feel left out but we were not willing to limit our own pleasure to please him. The older one and I had fun getting ready and putting on costumes designed for the water. I put outer garments on over this costume so as to not arouse suspicion as I checked out the autos. I let the older one in through the gate as he couldn’t wait for me to finish the last minute checks. I was confident enough that we were in the clear that I allowed this breach of the rules.

It was lovely in the pool even though the weather was not uncomfortably hot. We talked out loud and even splashed a little. I dove under the water and breathed some in. Even now I can call up the taste of the chemicals used in the pool to kill off small life forms. At one point I had us out and ready to leave and did the delicious thing of initiating us back into the pool for another round of swimming. There was even more pleasure the second time.

The older one was having a rush of male hormones and wanted to share them with me so we wrapped ourselves in inadequate towers and let ourselves out. We went home and shared the results of our reactions to hormonal changes and decided that this would be the way we will live after the younger one has left to make his own home.


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